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3 Ways House Flippers Want to Use Reezii to Make More Money

A 3D hologram house
Reezii turns properties into customizable 3D templates

Real estate, an industry built upon vision and the ability to foresee a property's potential, is undergoing a radical transformation with the introduction of the Reezii platform. But what is Reezii, and how is it empowering professionals to capitalize on previously untapped avenues?

Reezii at a Glance: Reezii offers AI-powered 3D visualizations, bridging the gap between the current state of a property and its potential. By facilitating detailed depictions of renovations, it's become a revolutionary tool for real estate investors, contractors, and flippers.

Here's how seasoned house flippers are excited about using Reezii:

1. The Visionary House Flipper:

A proactive flipper told us they want to use Reezii to test the market before they renovate their flip. Here's how:

  • Acquire a Fixer-Upper: Begin with a property that’s ripe for renovation.

  • Utilize Reezii: Craft in-depth visualizations and rehab cost estimates with Reezii's AI-driven platform.

  • Pre-Renovation Listing: Employ Reezii’s renders to list the property, showcasing its potential before actual renovations.

  • Profit Assessment: This technique enables the flipper to gauge market response and secure profitability even before the first renovation brick is laid.

2. The System-Renovator:

One innovative flipper opted for a unique approach that makes it easy for buyers to purchase their flip as a "simple fixer". Here is her plan:

  • Focus on Core Systems: Prioritize refurbishments on the property's main systems such as electrical, plumbing, and foundational elements.

  • Offer a Blank Canvas: Leave the majority of the property as-is, providing buyers an opportunity for custom cosmetic modifications.

  • Highlight Transformation with Reezii: Display the property's potential using Reezii's dynamic visualization tools to draw buyers looking for basic fixer-uppers.

3. The Double-Dipping Contractor:

One successful LA based contractor plans to use it to make money twice on his flip, without having to pay to renovate the property himself. Here's his plan:

  • Purchase, Display, & Profit: Buy a property, advertise its potential with Reezii's life-like depictions, and earn from the sale.

  • Dual Revenue Streams: After the sale, offer services to transform the property as visualized, ensuring profit both from the sale and the subsequent renovation.

Final Thoughts:

Reezii is not merely a tool; it's a game-changer in the world of real estate. By arming professionals with the technology to visualize and market a property’s potential, it’s driving innovation and profits in previously unimaginable ways. As Reezii continues to evolve, the future of real estate looks brighter, more technologically advanced, and certainly more profitable.

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