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Unlocking the Future of Real Estate: The Story Behind reezii and Its Visionary Co-Founders

The Important Things in Life and Our Quest for More Time

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, people often lose sight of what's truly important – the moments shared with loved ones, the laughter and joy, the milestones, and the quiet times of reflection. Everyone wishes they had more time to experience these precious moments, yet they find themselves striving for financial freedom and security to pave the way for future generations.

In pursuit of this goal, Martin Kirkwood and Raymond Gutierrez embarked on a journey a few years ago, aiming to solve the housing crisis. They believed that with the upcoming advancements in technology, specifically artificial intelligence (AI), they could create a platform that made real estate accessible to everyone.

Introducing reezii: The Future of Real Estate for Everyone

CEO Martin Kirkwood

Martin and Raymond are thrilled to announce the launch of their innovative real estate platform, reezii. Designed with everyone in mind – from real estate professionals and investors to first-time homebuyers and individuals interested in real estate – reezii uses AI technology to make property search, investment, and networking easy and accessible.

By joining their exclusive community at, members will gain access to cutting-edge resources, connect with industry professionals, and seize opportunities in the competitive real estate market.

Their Background as Realtors

As real estate professionals themselves, Raymond and Martin knew firsthand the challenges and annoyances that plagued the industry. Searching for properties was a tedious task, often involving scrolling through listings with inaccurate information, endless Google searches for clarification, and calls to other real estate agents who sometimes had answers, but often didn't.

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Raymond Gutierrez (Far Right)

The home search process had its enjoyable moments, such as exploring homes and working with clients. However, any time they needed to do extensive research and answer questions like "Can we build an ADU on this property?", they found themselves sifting through complex zoning information or waiting on hold to speak with a city planner. The entire system felt outdated and inefficient.

The Birth of Their Solution: reeziiAdvisor

So it goes, as time marches forward, technology follows suit. And as technology evolves, we adapt and find new ways to utilize it. With reeziiAdvisor, Raymond and Martin have harnessed the power of AI to reimagine the real estate landscape, making it more efficient and user-friendly for everyone.

Imagine a world where you can easily compare properties, predict appreciation, and get a list of improvement options, all with the push of a button. A world where you can ask an AI system anything related to real estate and trust that you will get the best information the latest tech can offer.

By using reeziiAdvisor, members will make informed decisions, sidestep costly mistakes, and uncover valuable opportunities in their search for the perfect property.

reeziiAdvisor Profile Page

Join Them Today and Shape the Future

Raymond and Martin invite you to join them at reezii, where together, we can reshape the real estate industry and forge a new path for homeownership and investment. Think about how this platform can revolutionize not only your life but also the lives of those you know and love. We are on the cusp of a new era, where AI and real estate intersect to create a world of possibilities.

Visit to learn more about this innovative application and become a part of the real estate revolution. Let Raymond, Martin, and the reezii team help you build the life of your dreams, one property at a time.

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