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Basic Package (Deposit)

Basic Package (Deposit)

Embark on your real estate advertising venture with our Basic Package. Crafted for those who seek to gain a foothold in the market, this package provides a standard digital ad slot, ensuring your content gets the visibility it deserves.


  • Price: $500 per month (Minimum 3-month commitment)

  • 10% refundable deposit due now.

    • $1,500 for 3 months = $150 deposit

  • Campaign set to begin Q1 2024.



  • Standard 3D Digital Ad Slot: Showcase your content in a visually captivating 3D format.

  • 5 Minutes of Visibility Time Per Hour: Garner consistent attention with 5 minutes of display time every hour.

  • Placement in prominent luxury retail location (Southern California Only, Exact Location TBD): Have your content featured in high-end, high-traffic retail locations.

  • Basic Analytics Report: Gain insight into your ad's performance.

  • Monthly Performance Summary: Stay informed with a monthly roundup of your ad campaign's impact.



  • Affordable entry point: A budget-friendly option to step into the advertising arena.

  • Consistent visibility: Maintain a steady presence in the market.

  • Basic analytics: Understand the reach and impact of your advertising efforts.

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