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Elite Studio Package (Deposit)

Elite Studio Package (Deposit)

Step into a realm of effortless, high-quality advertising with our Elite Studio Package. We take the reins of content creation, delivering one impeccably crafted digital ad per month to amplify your brand’s presence and engagement. Tailored to the discerning real estate professional, this package is a gateway to hassle-free, captivating advertising.


Price: $3,500 per month (Minimum 3-month commitment)

  • 10% refundable deposit due now.

    • $10,500 for 3 months = $1,050 Deposit

  • Campaign set to begin Q1 2024.



  • Custom Digital Ad Creation: Our skilled team crafts a custom digital ad for you each month, aligned with your brand and goals.

  • Exclusive Digital Ad Slot: Showcase your bespoke ad in an exclusive digital slot, commanding attention and engagement.

  • 20 Minutes of Visibility Per Hour: Your custom ad dominates the digital landscape with quadruple the visibility time of our Basic Package.

  • Placement in Prominent Luxury Retail Location (Southern California Only, Exact Location TBD): Your ad featured in premium LA locations, hitting the eyeballs of a high-value audience.

  • Advanced Interactive Features (Virtual Tours with AI Assistants, Clickable Info, Interactive Q&A): Engage audiences on a deeper level with AI-driven virtual tours and interactive Q&A.

  • Comprehensive Analytics Report: Dive into detailed analytics for a 360-view of your campaign's performance.

  • Weekly Performance Summary: Keep a pulse on your campaign with weekly summaries, helping you make data-driven decisions swiftly.

  • Dedicated Account Manager: Navigate your advertising journey with expert support every step of the way.



  • Hassle-free Content Creation: Leave the creative work to us while you focus on what you do best.

  • Stand Out with Exclusive Ad Slots: Your custom ad grabs attention in elite ad placements.

  • Engage and Educate Buyers with Advanced Interactive Features: Deliver a rich, interactive experience to potential buyers.

  • Measure and Optimize Your Campaign with Comprehensive Analytics: Harness data to refine and perfect your advertising strategy.

  • Personalized Support with a Dedicated Account Manager: Ensure your advertising campaign stays on track with personalized, expert support.


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