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Premium Package (Deposit)

Premium Package (Deposit)

Elevate your advertising prowess with our Premium Package. Designed for the ambitious, this package offers premium ad slots, amplifying visibility and interactive engagement with potential buyers.


  • Price: $1,000 per month (Minimum 3-month commitment)

  • 10% refundable deposit due now.

    • $3000 for 3 months = $300 Deposit
  • Campaign set to begin Q1 2024.



  • Premium Digital Ad Slot: Your content takes center stage with premium ad placement.

  • 10 Minutes of Visibility Per Hour: Double the visibility time of our Basic Package.

  • Placement in prominent luxury retail location (Southern California Only, Exact Location TBD): Prime location placement ensures your content catches the eye.

  • Interactive Features (Virtual Tours, Clickable Info): Engage potential buyers with interactive tours and clickable information.

  • Enhanced Analytics Report: Delve deeper into your ad's performance metrics.

  • Bi-weekly Performance Summary: Stay updated more frequently on your campaign's progress.



  • Higher visibility with premium slots: Stand out from the crowd.

  • Engage buyers with interactive features: Foster engagement and spark interest.

  • In-depth insights with enhanced analytics: Make informed decisions to tweak and optimize your campaigns.

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